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History and general  of the

American Singer Canary

The American Singer Canary is originated in the North of America. In the 1930’s eight women farmers start up a club in Milton, Massachusetts, USA. The idea was a new kind of canary bred to conquer the hearts of Americans. The American Singer Canary is a cross between the Border Canary and the German Harzer Roller and possesses the best traits of both breeds, the musical song of the German Harzer Roller and the pleasing looks of the Border canary. The song of the American singer canary is louder in volume than the German Harzer Roller, but softer than the Border canary. The size of this canary is 5 and 3/4 inches in length. They are seen in a wide spectrum of beautiful colours. Clear yellow is typically the most popular among pet fanciers and in show birds typically possess plumage that is heavily variegated or green. All colours are allowed for American Singer Canaries.
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Over the past 70 years, breeders of the American singer canary have made great strides in the development of the breed, specifically in the song of the birds. The American singer canary display the remarkable variety and melodiousness for which the birds are prized. In Summary the American Singer is a wonderful combination of song and beauty and become one of the most poplar breeds of canaries in the United States of America. Fanciers of Song Canaries hold that it is the ideal pet canary. Despite all the efforts the American singer canary isn’t recognize by the World Ornithological Confederation (C.O.M.). One reason for this, that the American singer canary unfortunately in Europe and in many other countries isn’t as well known.