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What is the bird park Walsrode for

Germany and the Loro Parque for

Tenerife is for Thailand Suanpalm

Farmnok. Suanpalm Farmnok

means Palm Garden and Bird Park.

It is the biggest bird park and

palm garden in Thailand with

hundreds of gorgeous tropical

parrots and also parakeets and

many other kind of tropical birds

and animals from all over the

world. Regardless of your age you

will be fascinated by Suanpalm



The bird park is framed in a wonderful decorative palm garden  with various types of palm trees with numerous waterpools and sufficent picnic areas.

Attractions for every Parrot Lover

The bird park is divided according to

individual species of parrots. Wether in the

Cockatoo Garden, large Macaw Garden,

Macaw & Amazon Garden, Conure Garden

or in the small size Parrots Garden every

parrot lover will find his favorite parrot in a

neat aviary. The information boards in front

of each cage give the most important datas

about every bird. Also extremely rare

species are in the care of the bird park.

Just to see these beautiful birds directly

makes a visit to the bird park Suanpalm

Farmnok worthwhile.

    Palm Cackatoos            Moluccan Cockatoos             

Kid Attractions

Suanpalm Farmnok is one of the best family

attractons in Thailand and for good reason.

The bird park offers numerous enclosures

with many kind of  animals to touch and

feed. Around every corner you will find cute

ducks, geese and swans. A highlight for

each child is the Goat and Sheep House,

where the animals for feeding already

waiting. The correct food is offered there.

Enjoy the Free Flight Aviaries

To observe birds in free flight is alway an

special experience. Anyone wishing to

admire the parrots behavior in free flight

has the opportunity in the Free Flight

Aviaries. A special experience in Suanpalm

Farmnok is the Free Flight Training of

splendid and colorful parrots such as

Macaws and Cockatoos. Here you can

enjoy the flight of the biggest and one of

the rarest macaw - the Hyazinth Macaw.

Other Sights to see

More sights to see are the Peacock &

Pheasant Garden, Squirrel Garden, Rabbit

Garden and the Multipurpose Lawn. Like

any amusement park also Suanpalm

Farmnok is expanding its range constantly.

Currently (February 2014) someareas are

still under construction (Adventure Zone,

Camping in Coconut Garden, Tree Zoo).

In the exibition hall of Suanpalm Farmnok

you can get many informations. It is not

only an exibition hall, it is an educational

establishment of the birdpark. In the

second floor you will find the incubation

room of  Suanpalm Farmnok. Very clean

and instructive set up for everyone who

want to get informations about incubating

and hatching parrot eggs. Also about

handfeeding, maintance and care of parrots

you will find many detailed informations.

Contact Informations: Suanpalm Farmnok (Parrot & Palm Garden) at Chachoengsao, Tambol Bang Talad, THAILAND. Phone: 080-5871911, 081-8681174,             081-3721196 Website: http://www.suanpalmfarmnok.com Email: parrot_palm@yahoo.co.th

Reasons to visit Suanpalm Farmnok

A visit it’s the perfect day out for the

whole family and not only for bird

lovers also for all nature lovers a

comfortable oasis of relaxation and


Thailand Suanpalm Farmnok is

wellknown for good controlled

raising and nursing of Macaw and

parrots. Visitors are welcome to

buy the birds and also palm trees

direct from the farm.

And if you want to spend more

time, overnight accomodations at

the resort in Suanpalm Farmnok

are also offered. For any questions,

please look the contact