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About myself: I started to keep bird at 12 years old. The size of my first aviary was 8.00 m x 2.50 m x 2.50 m. I took over from my father with a stock of motley mixed birds. My father hold racing pigeons with canaries, different kind of carduelids and other kind of birds together. I seperated the stock for budgerigars, canaries, zebra finches and other finches, but my favourite species was and is the canary bird. From the first day when I was owner of my aviary I controlled daily the health of my birds. When I saw a unnormal form of the bird eye, I run to my father and asked for help. He often answered me, that I only thought that the bird is sick. First when the bird died one or few days after the first “sign” he began to believed me. First I learned from him to give also medicines, because my father was an enthusiastic racing pigeon breeder. Later I named his pigeons “chemical bombs”, because of his great “Arsenal of Medicines”. In my German time I kept my birds outdoor and later also for exhibitions indoor and outdour. My favourite canaries are the Red Agate and Red Isabell. With them I won several times the National German Championship and was also success in many other national and international Championships. The first negative experience with chemicals in the bird keeping I got myself. Through a poisoning with insecticides for birds I disturbed my own health. I stopped the breeding for some years (1994) and came back in  2003 after I moved to Thailand. In Thailand I began to breed canaries and from 2004 also Gouldian Finches and Society Finches
Nowadays in Thailand: The begin of breeding canaries in Thailand was a new challenge despite many years of experience in my country. Not only a restricted selection of products (seed mixtures, supplement foods, etc.) was available, but also the quality was sometimes not according to the previous practice. Long transport distances and storage in a subtropical climate were and still are a problem for the purity of the products and a danger for the spreading of bacteria and mold fungi, leading to many different diseases. Likewise, the climatic conditions presented a special challenge for the healthy keeping of my bird stock. Especially in the rainy season, many breeders complain of high losses, as well as during the winter season, when it is during the day warm and very cold in the night. The strong temperature fluctuations are causing most bird problems and many birds die quickly. Also Thai breeder try to prevent the problems with an “Arsenal of Medicines”. Changes of my own bird keeping: To give throughout the whole year only medicines for have good healthy birds and good results couldn’t be the final solution. So I began to think things over for myself and developed first only for my birds products, in order to reduce the problems or even to avoid. Today I can offer and recommend my products  to other breeders with a clear conscience. (For further product infos click here...>) I am proud to announce that my complete bird stock is free of medicines, which means that no medicine has to be used neither for the prevention nor the direct fight against diseases. No …. dazoles, no … cyclines, etc.!   Antibiotics and other medication preventions can lead to resistance of bacterial strains. The result is that bacteria and diseases evolve. More frequent infections and evolving disease patterns in the aviculture can be observed. (e. g. BLACK SPOT in Canaries and other finch and bird species).
The success is based on the following carement: 1. Cleanliness. It is a attitude to the thing, but especially cleaning the water bowls are a daily must, not only in a subtropical climate, such as Thailand. Water is quickly turned into a “Killer. 2. Depending on the species, my birds (canaries, gouldian finches & society finches) get the best basic diets available in the market. 3. I also administer different grasseeds of the season (rainy season, winter season and summer season), most half ripe. 4. Also my self-produced eggfood is a must. Eggfood is very important in the rearing of canaries. It is a supplemental food for nestlings, juveniles and also adult canaries. Read more about the importance of eggfood: “Eggfood as an essential supplement for birds”. 5. My self-produced Calcium Block instead of the usual Cuttlefish bones, because cuttlefish bones are an excellent source for bacteria and mold fungi, as they absorb humidity easily. Invisible sources of danger lurk, especially in climatic conditions as in Thailand. Whenever a discolouring is recognizable, it is time to act. For more than 10 years no more Cuttlefish bones have been applied - Cuttlefish bones are replaced by Calcium Blocks! The composition of my Calcium Blocks is selected in such a way that rapid consumption is possible and thus no risk of development of bacteria or mold fungi is possible. 6. Even if the water is renewed every day, this is not a guarantee to have done everything. “Black Mineral” is the top secret of my bird keeping. “Black Mineral for Birds” helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold fungi or algae (green slime) in water. Heavy breathing, symptoms for many kind of diseases in birds are gone. Mainly, I use Black Mineral for my birds in drinking water. Black Mineral is not 100% watersoluble, but the minerals which are trapped in the powder will start dissolving. This is a special effect of the powder and will change the water to a “mineral water” for my birds. In this way the growth of bacteria, mold fungi and algae are also prevented. Read more about Black Mineral for Birds> 7. Healing Earth is a pure product of Nature with no chemical additives. Maybe some people know the benefits of Healing Earth only for usage of Medical skin care or Cosmetic use, but for generations, Healing Earth has been used for humans health internally and externally without any known side effects. I remember from my childhood that always a pack Healing Earth stood in our kitchen. Healing Earth is used as a mineral gastrointestinal agent. It is mainly used for a naturelly holistic detoxification, removing free radicals from food. Toxins (bacterial and mold fungi) are bound by the intake of Healing Earth and excreted with excrement. It is given to my birds daily for free intake. And also Father’s racing pigeons were Healing Earth offered daily. His personally slogan was: ”Healing earth every day keeps the Vet away. Toxins (bacterial and mold fungi) are bound by the intake of Healing Earth and excreted with excrement. 8. Moringa Oleifera Leaves or other freshy leaves and natural offers from my own garden (also in my garden …  no insecticides and chemicals are in use) including different kind of herbs, known through the Traditional Thai            Medicine (TTM). Read more about the benefits of Moringa Oleifera the “Supermarket on one Stem”.
Also basically declined and avoided are: Hand-rearing: I am convinced that with hand- rearing a large number of nestlings are coming through, which must die in a pure natural way of bird keeping. In my opinion, and also according to reports of other breeders worldwide, too many weak birds are carried through, but they are often not strong enough to produce new strong offsprings. The social behavior of a bird can also change by hand-raising. The loss after selling such birds to other breeders must also be considered, which is frequently reported. In my opinion, hand-rearing is a unnatural breeding method. This why I support the prohibition of hand-rearing of parrots through law in the Netherlands since July 2014. Administration of dried Millet Spray If you offer your birds daily dried millet spray, you do more harm than good. Dried millet spray is high in carbohydrates with insufficient amino acids, 0 Vitamin A, 0 Vitamin B12, 0 Vitamin C, 0 Vitamin D, 0 Calcium, etc. Dried Millet spray is also alkaline and therefore digests really fast. This is the reason why birds eat more - but at the end of the day they are not receiving sufficient nutrition. Some breeder report, that they noticed a better sleeping behavior after smaller amounts of dried millet spray. After they had given a lot of dried millet spray on daily basis, they also noticed often “night flights”. To give birds once a week dried millet spray is no problem for the health. DRIED Millet spray should be used as a treat only or in exhibitions after judging as a stress reliever.
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