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Family: Estrildidae Genus: Emblema (Gould, 1842) Preferred Scientific Name Emblema pictum Preferred Common Name Painted Finch Other Common Names •       Painted Firetail Emblema (Often named according         to the genus, because it is the only species in this genus) Mountain Finch Painted Firetail Finch Other Scientific Names Emblema picta International Common Names English: Painted Finch Spanish: Diamante Pintado French:  Diamant Peint Local Common Names Czech: Germany: Gemalte Amadine Italy: Netherlands: Geschilderde Astrild Turkey: Boyalı ateşkuyruk USA: Painted Fireteail Status:  Size, Weight: about 10.5 cm Ring size:  Habitat: AUSTRALIA The Painted Finch prefers the dry areas in the midland of Australia and the northwestern regions, from the coast of Western Australia to northwestern Queensland. General: The male shows a general pale brown colour above. Rump, uppertail coverts, lore, forehead, forepart of cheeks, chin and upper throat are scarlet. The tailfeathers are dusky brown. The foreneck, breast and abdomen are black and speckled white. Down the center of breast is an irregular scarlet line. The undertail coverts are black. The beak is remarkable long and tapering. The upper mandible is black and tipped red. The lower mandible is red with a blue base. Legs and feet are flesh-coloured. The eyes are whitish. The female shows clearly differences in the colour in having only lore, feathers above eyes and at the base of the lower mandible scarlet. The undersurface is duller black with larger white spots, also less scarlet on center of breast. In contrast to the Diamond Firetail Finch  was the Painted Finch a only rarely been imported bird. Import increased somewhat after the second World War. Some import increased somewhat after the second World War until Australia banned bird exports. Nowadays only a small quantity of locally breds are available. Bird breeders keeping great care and control of their breeding stocks. Painted Finches are not aggressive to other birds and more than one pair may be kept in one aviary. Number of eggs: 3 - 6 Incubation period: 14 - 16 days Nestlings leaving nest after 21 - 23 days
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