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The Eumo Mutation in Canaries

The eumo mutation was discovered in the year 1981 by the breeder Mr. Haaff from Netherland and is autosomal recessive  inherited. Characteristic is the reduction of eumelanin black to grey black in the black series, the reduction of eumelanin black to a dark grey in the agate series  and the reduction of eumelanin brown in the brown series. The phaeomelanin is complete absent which allows the red, yellow or white ground colour to show through. In principle, the striations on the back and flanks in eumo canaries are similar to the classical series but slightly narrower and well defined. The eyes in black and brown eumo canaries are dark red and in agate red. Beak, legs and claws are flesh coloured. About the eumo mutation in the isabel series we have no sufficient results because insufficient examples have been bred.