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The Factor Greywing is a phenomenon of colour appearance in canaries. Greywing is neither a mutation nor a modification. The greywing canary is the result of selection from the black melanin pastel mutation. Normaly black pastel canaries show a reduction that changes the colour from black to charcoal grey, but without no discolouration in the wings and tail. The characteristic of  the (black) greywing canaries is the super dilution of the central part of the feather with a marked repression of grey black eumelanin towards the tip of the feather. This can be seen clearly on the wings, tail and coverts. Also characteristic are the  feathering on the back. The greywing canaries show a pearl grey crescent- shaped or spangle like design and the feather tips will show slightly marked grey black areas in the form of seed.  Visibel phaeomelanin is absent. Another feature are seen on the wing and tail feathers. The dilution of the central part together with eumelanin on the tips of the feathers gives dark grey to black extremities with a pearl grey central area. The dark grey tips of the wing feathers are larger than those of the tail feathers (1/2 cm). Beak, legs and claws are equal dark colour. The factor greywing also occurs in other series, but the effect is not qualitatively well. This canaries are called “Greywing types”. Black should be the ideal appearance and is only recognized from the Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale (C.O.M.).