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The Gloster Fancy Canary - 

A combination of three selected

species of Type Canary Birds

As one of the smallest canary breeds with the tendency towards the diminutive, won the Gloster Fancy Canary with his playful, lively and refreshing nature in no time the hearts of many breeders all over the world. This specie is the most widely cultivated and presented type canary in exhibitons. Its style makes the Gloster Fancy Canary thus well suited to the beginner in breeding of canaries. The name was derived from the English county [Glo]uce[ster]shire.



LUMPS IN GLOSTER CANARIES In most of the Type Canaries such as Norwich, Crest or Gloster Fancy are the texture of the plumage a particular focus. As a side effect in the breeding of this long feathered canaries it comes to malformed feathers, also called “Lumps”, a feathered cyst. Read more>
History of the

Gloster Fancy Canary

The history of the Gloster has been well documented. The breed is dating back only to 1925. The breeder or better the “creator” of the Gloster Fancy Canary was Mrs. L. Rogerson of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Mrs. Rogerson had a special fondness for small, playful things, inter alia, with the breeding and care of bonsai trees. Inspired by Crest canaries, her goal was to create a miniature crested canary, which should be only half as large as the Crest canary. To achieve this goal, Mrs. Rogerson picked out some very little Border Fancy canaries from the breeder J. H. Madagen in Cheltenham and mated them with German Crest canaries. At this time the Border Fancy canary was smaller than today. At the same time the Scottish Crest canary breeder Mr. McLay try to bred also miniature crested canaries. He mated small Crest canaries of his breeding with small Border canaries. Thanks to Mr. A.W. Smith from London, a wellknown English breeder and leading judge to this time, organized that the offsprings by Mrs L. Rogerson and Mr. McLay could be exchanged. In 1925 Mrs. Rogerson was able to present the first good results of the miniature Crest canaries at the Crystal Palace. A new English Type canary was created: THE GLOSTER FANCY CANARY. At first they were presented under the name “Miniature Crests”. Following and honor at the home of Mrs. L. Rogerson this new Type canary species was called after the county of [Glo]uce[ster]shire " GLOSTER ". In the years of the second World War no exhibitions were held and the canary breeding in England almost came to a halt altogether. Many breeders lost their life as a soldier. After the war Fred and Vera Bryant helped then the Gloster Fancy canary to new upsurge and made this type canary bird whatit is today.
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