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The correct amount of colourants

for Red Factor Birds

This question is not easily answered and is difficult to recommend a perfect recipe. Every manufacturer must have a description with an advise for the administration of the product. Is the description followed, no problems occur and the bird will be coloured. For be winner on exhibitions are patience and experience basic principles. The chemical substance canthaxanthin is only when given in overdose for a longer time potentially liver toxic to birds. The price of products depends on the ingredients.
BLACK MINERAL for birds is an excellent mineral supplement for all cage and aviary birds. It’s a perfect natural option to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi read more>
For several thousand years is known that silver fights pathogens such as bacteria, yeasts, viruses or fungi. Silver also strengthens the immune system. Can we use these benefits for our birds? read more>
Not every ready-made mixture of egg- or softfood contains the same ingredients and amount or mixture of red colourants. Some products contain in addition natural vegetable colourants with provitamin A, which turns into vitamin A in the body, and other carotene pigment, such as beta- carotene. The offerings are versatile and diverse. A selection of the best product, also the administration about the exact amounts of canthaxanthin or other red colourants and an own addition or mixture based only on experience of the breeder. Red droppings are a sign, that the birds are not able to absorb and utilize all red colourants. A reduction of the amount in the sense of the bird health is recommended.