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What is the best way to administer

Red Colour Food for a perfect

colouring of Red Factor Birds?

The market offer two kind of red colour food: 1. ready-made mixtures of egg-/     softfood with colourants for red     factor birds 2. watersoluble powder colourants for     the drinking water or for addition to     the ready-made mixtures of egg-/     softfood Most of breeder choose the ready- made mixtures of egg-/softfood for red factor birds. This is the cleanest and easiest way for the administration of red colourants. Watersoluble powder in the drinking water can make the area and the equipments around the drinking water red and everything looks a bit like a “slaughter- house”. In addition, drinking water with red colourants on your clothes are not easy to clean. But it is to consider that the administration of colourants in the drinking water is a sure way for a perfect colouring of  canaries or other red factor birds. Each bird must take drinking water daily, but not every bird eat daily egg-/ soft food or the same amount of this. This can lead to impurity of colour in the plumage. This is a disadvantage for exhibition birds. When selecting the administration of red factor food, these facts should be observed. You also have the choice to mix the powder colourant with normal egg- or softfood or in addition to ready-made mixtures. (Please note the information about the overdose of canthaxantin and animal cruelty)
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