What are the most famous

Song Canaries?

The World Ornithological Confederation (CONFEDERATION ORNITHOLOGIQUE MONDIALE: C.O.M) still recognizes three kinds of song-canaries. 1. GERMAN HARZER ROLLER 2. BELGIAN MALINOIS WATERSLAGER 3. SPANISH TIMBRADO Also the American song-breeders bred and developed in the past decades a special canary songster, the American Singer Canary.  Despite all the efforts the American singer canary isn’t recognize by the World Ornithological Confederation (C.O.M.). Each song canary is known for a special kind of song. The German Harzer Roller was famous for the hollow rolling tours, the Belgian Malinois waterslager for the deep watery tours and the Spanisch Timbrado for the metallic tours. The American singer canary sings a combination of the German Harzer Roller and the Border canary.
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What should be considered when

looking for Song Canaries?

From importance before purchase a song canary should be made directly that every kind of song canary can imitate songs of other birds, even from different species, also noises from mechanical objects. This should be considered and the rooms for breeding and the training of the songs should be opted that the singing of the song canaries isn’t adversely affected. During the time a song canary that has been teached will forget some learned tours if the bird is’nt reteached. Also it is possible that a teached song canary change radical and come back to his genetic song after the molting. To buy a song canary male can be a risk, because we can’t directly detect the quality of the male. This means is it a very good genetic song canary or a song canary with good learning properties? To reduce the risk of this problem it is the best way to buy directly from a trusted breeder. Contact an expert who breeds only one kind of song canaries. The one who breeds two or more kind of song canaries is a bad choice. In addition an expert concern oneself for a long period with the same kind of song canaries, because it’s necessary to build with endurance and a longtime experience a good breeding stock. The most important requirement is the genetic material one is going to work with. Good males with excellent vocal qualities are definitely a basic requirement for a good breeding stock Females don’t sing, but must have the same genetic quality like the males. Which means that both parents must carry the same orientation or direction of the song. The problem often lies with the females because you can’t “listen” oder see the genetic quality of them. In colour canaries you can see the colour of both. But in song canaries you can only listen the song quality of the males. What is to do?  Ask the breeder for the pedigree. A serious breeder keeps a record of his canaries and and provides insight. 
Song Canaries at an exibition
Up to the early 20th century miners took the canaries as a “gas detection system” with the mining. From this story the canary breeding developed.
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