Head/Collar Side-whiskers 15 points Mantle or Shoulders/Bouquet 15 points Jabot 15 points Fins (Flanks) 15 points Cock feathers/ Olive and Culotte 10 points Legs/Tail/Wings 10 points Size/Type/ Position 10 points Plumage/Condition 10 points Total          100 points
Standard Description of the Parisian Frill Canary Head/Collar/Side-whiskers Head: Robust, showing a cap-shape formed by feathers that parting from one side of the head, curl towards the other or in both directions. The head is well set into the shoulders, with a full neck that is surrounded by a collar of upward growing straight feathers. The cheeks are well filled with long feathers that grow thickly to give a side-whiskers effect. Strong beak. Mantle/Shoulders The mantle is broad, formed by long frilled feathers that cover twothirds the length of the wings and which fall outwards and symmetrically from a central back parting. Bouquet Formed by an abundance of feathers located at the base of the mantle, between the wings, directed to the left and to the right. Jabot Profuse, with long and well furnished frills that curl symmetrically forward and inwards towards the centre of the breast to give a closed-shell appearance.. Fins (Flanks) Long, broad and symmetrical frills that are well set at the flanks and rise as high as possible towards the tops of the back. Cock feathers Long and abundant feathers that hang down from each side of the root of the tail. Olive Bouquet of compact feathers that showes from the femur to the root of the tail. Culotte Abundant feathering that does not allow for any cavities under the abdomen. Legs Legs and feet are long and sturdy, with well feathered thighs and corkscrew-like nails. Normal nails allowed only.on the front toes. Tail Long, broad and closely folded with a square ending, almost following the line of the back. Wings Long, not crossing excessively. Size As large as possible, 19 cm minimum. Type Well balanced with massive proportions. Position Semi-erect, with poise and majestic appearance. Plumage Abundant, voluminous and silky. Condition Clean and healthy. All colours are allowed.
SHOW CAGE: Parisian Frill type show cage with 2 round perches 14 mm in diameter, 10 wires apart. The feeder to be placed on a slightly higher level than the perches.
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Reasons for “Non-Judging” - wounded bird - Blind (one or both eyes) bird - Bird lacking a toe or a claw - Bird with a stiff or deformed toe - In Coloured canaries: lipochrome with stain   (on feathers, beak,legs, feet or claws) - In Coloured canaries: melanin with white   feather - In Coloured canaries: Black melanin with white   claw In Coloured canaries: bird with double factor (ex.: opal +pastel) Any other situation not considered above will be studied with a responsible person of the exhibition. Furthermore the wrong size of the ring, a dirty bird or cage, as well as characters on the cage are reasons for an exclusion.
NOTE: Standards for bird exhibitions of individual bird clubs, bird associations or national bird standards often differ. For this reason based the descriptions of the standard of the World Ornithological Confederation (C.O.M).