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The word “passe-partout” comes from French and means “master key" or "all-purpose". We remember the name of the servant Passepartout from Jules Verne's famous "Journey Around the World in 80 Days": He was versatile and usable, a man just in case. But how is the term passe-partout associated with a canary?
We divide the melanin canaries in two groups. Black and brown belong to the oxidized melanin canaries. Then we have the diluted melanin canaries to that belongs the dilution of black, called agate and the dilution of brown, called isabel. What happens if we mate an isabel male (which is genetically a diluted black and diluted brown) with a black female? From this mating we only get black males and isabel females. Due to the sex-linked inheritance, are only one chromosome present in females. So genotype is phenotype. In this case isabel. All black males are passe-partout males, which are now split (carrier) in agate, brown and isabel.
If we now mate a passe-partout male with an isabel female, this combination will result in all classical colours (black - agate - brown - isabel), each 25%. Each of which in turn is 50% male and 50% females.